BEARS FTC 3141 VEX 4131



The Bears project started in 2004, when the middle school principal Hector Montes decided to form 2 teams in FIRST® LEGO® LEAGUE. It was the pilot year of FLL in Mexico and our team won the directors award, given to the team that  presents a high performance robot, a project that demonstrates knowledge and ability for the resolution of  problems, and above all the integration and teamwork characteristics of a FIRST team. We also won the best performance award. Our award gave a pass to the world championship, the FIRST World Festival in Atlanta, Georgia: making us the first Mexican team to get to a international event organized by FIRST. There we won 2nd place for the Robot Design Award.


2005-2006 was the second great season; for the second time we won the Directors Award, gaining the pass to Atlanta. Also, our unimpeachable programming won 2 other prices, the programming and the performance; being the team with the most points. The exorbitant number of prices we received in that year permitted us not to go to Atlanta, but to the European Open in Eindhoven, Deutschland. That year Manny joined the team, who nowadays

is the oldest member. At more than his 20 years he is still a mentor.


In 2006-2007 we won for the second time programing and design, scoring 375 out of 400 points, record that, to date is valid to a national level. With this record we competed in Atlanta.


In 2007- 2008 we won the Robot design Award. Our recognition won us 2 invitations one to the American Open in MInneapolis and the Asian Open in Tokyo. Now we were the first team to participate in 3 different continent. With what we crowned ourselves as he international team.


In 2008-2009 we won performance in FLL in a national level, and we won the second place for the Creative Presentation Award in the Open International Tournament. This season was important for the team history because we decided to open an FTC team. This category of FIRST was piloting the platform changing the VEX system for TERIX, transforming the FIRST VEX CHALLENGE to FIRST TECH CHALLENGE. We competed in the first national championship in Monterrey, Nuevo León. Winning the Connect Award and the finalist Alliance Award


In the 2009-2010 season the team suffered a radical change. Everyone who was part of the FTC team graduated from middle school, leaving place in the team for rookies. Everyone were new entries, having to adapt not only to the school atmosphere, but to the great commitment that Bears requires. Despite all of this we achieved the Inspire Award in Monterrey, (the equivalent of the Director’s Award in FLL) and the Finalist Alliance Award. We were awarded for taking the strategic thinking and problem solving to real life. Thanks to all of this we managed to go to the FTC World Championship in Atlanta as an FTC team for the first time in Bears’ history. This season we obtained a honor mention in the Youth Award in Distrito Federal.


The 2010-2011 season was great for awards. In FLL we won Creative Presentation Award, with our solution for Lung Hypertension. In FTC we earned the Connect Award, the Motivate Award, and Finalist Alliance Award. We also coached the first female FTC team in Mexico.


In the 2011-2012 season we had one of our best seasons in Bears history. To begin with the team was renewed completely; we had new coaches (who joined the previous ones), new students, and participated in new categories! In FLL we finished in the top 10 teams in the national league. In FTC we remained undefeated in the national championship, and crowned ourselves as Winning Alliance Captain, which granted us a spot in the St. Louis world championship. Besides. we decided to open a VEX team, in which we won Tournament Championship twice, and Build Award once in the national league. Thanks to this we earned our spot at the Anaheim world championship. When April arrived we departed to both World Championships! First in Anaheim we had an excellent performance with the robot making it to quarterfinals, positioning ourselves in the first 8 alliances in the World rank. We also won the Judges Award, thanks to our work with the Start Alliance. Later in the FTC Championship in St. Louis we won the Compass Award, Connect Award, and 2nd place for Inspire Award (the most important award in this category), and we were finalists for Motivate Award.


In the 2012-2013 season we broke the record for most awards in Bears’ history. We began among the best 5 teams in the national FLL league. Immediately after we won Tournament Champion and Judges Award in VEX, obtaining our pass to the world championship in Anaheim. In FTC we won Finalist Alliance Captain and the Judges Teamwork Award in the Mexican national championship. Afterwards in the Wyoming regional we achieved Finalist Alliance, Connect Award, and the 3rd place for Inspire Award, besides of being Motivate Award finalists and the PTC Design Award.  In the VEX World Championship we were finalists for the Promote Award and for Club Website Award.


2013-2014: what a season! We began by making the call of focusing in FIRST categories, to maximize our performance in them. As part of these "movement" we as well partnered with FIRST Mexico, so that we could help a lot more organizing and volunteering for tournaments. We ended up helping with an FLL scrimmage, an FTC scrimmage, an FRC off-season, an FRC kick-off, an FLL Regional, and the first ever Mexican FRC Regional. Our FTC season was kicked off by us building Taz (sep-feb). The Mexico Championship took place February 22nd, and we received the 1st Place Inspire Award, which gave us the opportunity of participating in the World Championship. Right after the national championship, we made the bold decision of building a second robot: Bolt. It took us a little over a month to complete what was essentially Taz v2.0. When april arrived we headed to St. Louis with both Taz and Bolt (we competed with Bolt) where we had a great performance robot wise, finishing 6-3-0. In the closing ceremonies we were nominated for the Connect and Motivate Award, but World's wasn't over. This happened next:



We were named "2014 World Championship 1st Place Inspire Award Winners". This is without a doubt Bear's highest honor up to this point. Just to reiterate, the Inspire Award is described as "...the most prestigious FTC award, and is given to the team that truly embodied the ‘challenge’ of the FTC program.  The team that receives this award is chosen by the judges as having best represented a role model FIRST Tech Challenge Team.  The team that receives this award is a top contender for all other judging categories and is a strong competitor on the field." Additionally we were introduced to the FTC Hall of Fame. To finish off a great season, one of our biggest projects, the Start Alliance, was recognized as one of Mexico´s 50 Most Innovative projects by the Information Week magazine.